SSAF Window Films Ltd


ABoards Signage

Aboards fall into two main categories – those with pavement fixed messages and those designed to display posters such as changeable message street sign holders.

we can supply a range of pavement signage, forecourt displays, swing signs, sandwich boards and A boards. Our free-standing graphic signs are manufactured to the highest quality and come in a huge range of styles and sizes to suit your every requirement.

Choose from standard-sized signs and boards or have them made-to-measure with either a permanent or changeable poster display. Pavement signs can be folding and easy to dismantle or static.

Our diverse range of A-frames and advertising boards include options for almost any retail or leisure environment and any budget.

Choose from permanently printed graphics, such as A-boards or interchangeable posters displays such as our booster board.

We offer a range of chalkboard panel A boards including our updated and improved steel premier chalk A board. The new version has unique rubber hinges which allow for feet to self-level on uneven surfaces.