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SSAF Launches its improved range of vehicle tinting filmsved range of vehicle tinting films

Tuesday, 15 July, 2015

SSAF Launched it’s new range of auto tints in 2009. These films are the SSAF CH range of films.

SSAF CH05 SR is a very dark film and makes it very hard to see in the vehicle.

SSAF CH20 SR has a classy look but still gives a dark finish.

SSAF CH35 SR is used to give a smart tint to a vehicle without looking to dark.

SSAF CH50 SR is widely used to give a slight tint to you glass without the black look.

2011 SSAF launched it’s new range of auto security films.  These films give a tint to your glass, while adding security to your vehicle.  We have 4 films AS05 004 SR, AS15 004 SR, AS25 004 SR & AS40 004 SR

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