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Non Reflective Solar Control

An archive of SSAF Non Reflective Solar control window films providing information on our main range of window films. Please click on the name of a film to see its details and technical specifications.

Please Note: The colours shown next to the individual film specifications are a general guide only! Please contact us if you would like a free sample sent to you, to see the actual colour, tint or texture of any required window films.

Non Reflective

SSAF CH05 SR – Premier Grade Very Dark Charcoal Non-Reflective Film

Only used on Toughend Glass. Low visible light reflection, giving low visual intrusion.

Non Reflective

SSAF CH 20 SR – Premium Grade Dark Charcoal Non-Reflective Film Reduces Glare

Only used on Toughend Glass. Ideal for vehicles, but also suitable for office, factory and most commercial applications.

Non Reflective

SSAF CH 35 SR –  Premier Grade Medium Charcoal Non-Reflective Film

Only used on Toughend Glass. A very popular, neutral charcoal tint – can reduce fuel consumption in vehicles, by reducing heat build and reducing the use of the vehicles A.C. system.

Non Reflective

SSAF CH 50 SR – Premier Grade Light Charcoal Non-Reflective Film

A light, neutral charcoal tint, to provide a comfortable visible light transmission. Can be used on Patio doors on commercial and residential buildings, as well as on vehicles