SSAF Window Films Ltd


Clear Safety and Security Films



SSAF carry one of the most comprehensive ranges of Safety and Security films available today, from our popular 100micron SSAF.004sr safety and security film to our 375micron SSAF.015sr bullet and blast resistant films.

The reason our knowledge and expertise is so great is that our company was founded on the ‘invention’ of the first safety and security film by Gary Blake back in the early 1970’s.

Safety films work by absorbing and dissipating the impact energy acting on the glass, if the glass should break the very strong adhesive bond between the film and the glass surface will prevent shards of glass from entering the area behind the pane (known as rear face ‘spalling’).

Even now SSAF window films is at the forefront of security and safety window film developement, with our new ‘IMPAX’ series of films.
These films are even stronger than any other films currently available. The details of these films will be availalbe soon in our ‘NEWS’ section…