SSAF Window Films Ltd


Features and Benefits

CH 35 SR is a very popular, neutral charcoal tint – can reduce fuel consumption in vehicles, by reducing heat build and reducing the use of the vehicles A.C. system.

Blocks out over 99% of ultraviolet radiation, protecting valuable fabrics and interiors from fading.

Reduces glare and aids privacy – the most popular vehicle tint in our range.

Ideal for vehicles, but suitable for office, factory and most commercial applications.

SSAF Films are protected by a patented scratch-resistant coating.

Performance Data

Total Solar Transmission: 55%
Total Solar Reflection: 6%
Total Solar Absorption: 39%
Visible Light Transmission: 33%
Visible Light Reflection: 7%
Ultraviolet Transmission (maximum): 1%
Shading Coefficient: 0.78
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 34%
Glare Reduction: 56%
Infra Red Rejection: 10%
CH 35 SR