SSAF Window Films Ltd

SSAF SPN 35 SR – Sputtered Medium Neutral Window Film


Features and Benefits

SPN 35 is a excellent solar heat rejection for a cooler environment.

Reduces glare and eyestrain.

Neutral colour and low visible reflection for unobtrusive appearance.

Unique high clarity low distortion adhesive.

SSAF Films are protected by a patented scratch-resistant coating.


Performance Data

Total Solar Transmission: 35%
Total Solar Reflection: 17%
Total Solar Absorption: 48%
Visible Light Transmission: 41%
Visible Light Reflection: 19%
Ultraviolet Transmission (maximum): 1%
Shading Coefficient: 0.55
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 52%
Glare Reduction: 60%
Infra Red Rejection: 58%
SPN 35