SSAF Window Films Ltd

SSAF Sunblock Grey –

Features and Benefits

Sunblock Grey is perfect for twin walled polycarbonate roofs – all data shown above is as fitted internally to twin wall polycarbonate.

Perfect film for conservatories and summer houses etc.

Cuts down solar heat gain for lower room temperatures and reduces air-conditioning costs.

Eases eye strain and can reduce the risk of light related headaches.

Helps to reduce fading of valuable fabrics and furnishings by blocking 99% of U.V. light.

Can be cleaned with soapy water – the film is resistant to water and detergents.


Performance Data

Total Solar Transmission: 12%
Total Solar Reflection: 44%
Total Solar Absorption: 43%
Visible Light Transmission: 13%
Visible Light Reflection (Exterior): 47%
Visible Light Reflection (Interior): 48%
Ultraviolet Transmission (maximum): 1%
Shading Coefficient: 0.41
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 65%
Glare Reduction: 86%
Sunblock Grey