SSAF Window Films Ltd


Features and Benefits

V28 SR can improve productivity and safety in the workplace, by reducing the extremes of summer solar heat gain, and winter heat loss.

Can help to reduce the strain on heating and air-conditioning systems.

Reduces eye-strain and improves conditions for V.D.U. operators.

Can enhance visual security, by creating a ‘two way’ mirror effect.

Excellent U.V. light and infra red heat rejection.

SSAF films are protected by a patented scratch-resistant coating.

Performance Data

Total Solar Transmission: 22%
Total Solar Reflection: 33%
Total Solar Absorption: 45%
Visible Light Transmission: 28%
Visible Light Reflection (Exterior): 34%
Visible Light Reflection (Interior): 20%
Ultraviolet Transmission (maximum): 1%
Shading Coefficient: 0.39
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 65%
Glare Reduction: 70%
Winter Median (U Value): 5.8
Infra Red Rejection: 73%
V28 SR