SSAF Window Films Ltd

SSAF White Matt Opaque –

Features and Benefits

White Matt Opaque Transmits visible light yet maintains privacy ‘light-through without see-through’.

85% ultraviolet reduction, reduces fading from the Sun when used on exposed windows.

Shatter resistant, 50micron thickness reduces danger of flying, shattered glass.

Pleasing alternative to plain glazed partitions in office or factory.

Opaque film – diffuses light to reduce glare.


Performance Data

Total Solar Transmission: 67%
Total Solar Reflection: 18%
Total Solar Absorption: 15%
Visible Light Transmission: 58%
Visible Light Reflection: 20%
Ultraviolet Transmission (maximum): 15%
Shading Coefficient: 0.82
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 28%
Glare Reduction: 22%
Infra Red Rejection: 32%