*For vertical glass, 5 year warranty for sloping glass. Warranty is only valid if installed by trained and qualified personnel.




Performance Data


Technical data

4mm single
4/16/4mm double
Solar Energy Transmission, Te 81% 72%
Solar Energy Reflection, Pe 8% 13%
Solar Energy Absorption, ae 11% 15%
Visible Light Transmission, Tv 90% 82%
Visible Light Reflection (External),Pve 8% 15%
Visible Light Reflection (Internal),Pvi 8% 15%
Ultraviolet Transmission, Tuv <1%
g value 0.84 0.75
Shading Coefficient 0.97 0.86
Total Solar Energy Rejected 16% 25%
Glare Reduction <1% 0%
U value, single glazing (W/m².K) 5.71
U value, double glazing, Air filled (W/m².K) 2.69
Emissivity, εn 0.9
Film Colour / Appearance Clear
Installation Position External


Features and Benefits

  • Tested by British Standards Institute to BS6206 class B, also meets the requirements of prEN12600 class 2B2 impact testing.
  • Meets the requirements of Health & Safety Legislation for safety glazing.
  • Approved by the U.K Ministry of Defence for bomb blast protection.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive has low visual distortion for optical clarity.
  • An exterior product with a special ‘Hard-Coat’ for scratch resistance.
  • This film is especially desirable in commercial applications where safety and security are primary considerations: Banks, Government Buildings, Retail Shops, Schools etc.
  • I.R. 780nm to 2500nm.

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