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SSAF WINDOW FILMS has a huge range of Safety and Security, Solar Control ,Privacy and Auto Tint Window Films.

Our range and knowledge of Safety and Security films spans over 40 years, going back to when the first blast films were used for protection against bomb blast in London.

SSAF Safety & Anti Vandalism films are made of clear heavy-duty polyester compound, when fitted to the glass they will resist impact and help keep particles safely in place if glass is broken.

We have a dedicated workforce who can install these films with a quality of finish second to none. SSAF have clients ranging from major military installations, (our security film is approved by the British M.O.D), and multi-national corporations, to one off windows in houses that face the local cricket pitch.

SSAF's range of Solar control films can reduce heat, glare and fading. These films can be clear reducing around 45% of heat, or tinted reducing around 60% of heat, or mirrored reducing up to 80% of heat and glare, they can also give daytime privacy and can reduce UV by up to 99%

SSAF Window Films have launched their new range of energy saving window films to help improve both the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. SSAF can reduce both your winter heating costs and your summer air-conditioning costs by reducing heat gain and heat loss through the glass. Most modern building designs incorporate large areas of glazing to give a light and a spacious feel, but solar heat gain adds significantly to the thermal load of the building, up to 60% during the peak summer months. This means that in the height of the summer, air-conditioning costs can be as high as 60% of a buildings total energy costs. During the cold winter months, heat loss through the glass can add significantly to your heating bills – even with double glazing.

SSAF have been supplying UV films for shop fronts, museums, houses etc. for many years. These films can be clear or tinted and will reduce the UV, helping to protect carpets, curtains and furnishings.

SSAF supply premium grade auto tints for cars. These films can be optically clear or tinted giving several levels of protection to get the look and protection you desire.

SSAF have improved the range of external films giving longer warranties.

SSAF recently installed their RS50 EX light solar external film to a well-known Theatre. This film has a total solar energy rejection of 58%, reduces glare by 49% adding a light tint to the glass.

SSAF have a wide range of privacy & opaque films to reduce or stop vision into a building. These can be plain, decorative, or have a print of your choice.