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Common Questions Asked FAQ’s

Please look through our archive of frequently asked questions FAQ and I hope you find the answer you are looking for.

Question 1 – Can I have a one – way mirror using window film?

A. As with all ‘one – way mirror’ effects, it depends on light levels on either side of the glass. A rule of thumb is that the light needs to be between four and five times brighter on the side that you wish to view into, compared to the side you are viewing from. Remeber:- light levels change between night and day!

Question 2 – Can window film stop fading?

A. NO! Window films can significantly REDUCE fading by cutting down the amount of harmful Ultra Violet light that enters through the glass, but as there are many causes of fading, it is inevitable over the course of time. Please contact our head office if you would like further information on the problems caused by fading, or U.V. light problems in general.

Question 3 – What type of safety film do I need?

A. This can be a difficult question to answer, mainly because of the huge variety of glass in situ around the world, also because of the different regulations in force fom country to country.

The best course of action here is to contact our head office by E-mail or call us to discuss the regulations that you need to meet, or the type of glass you have in place and how severe the risk of breakage is.

Question 4 – How long does window film last?

A. If fitted correctly and maintained (cleaned) correctly window film will last many many years. The different types of film have different life-spans, which is dependant on the situation in which they are fitted. All SSAF Window Films are made with premium raw materials, and the vast majority out-live the guarantees provided. Solar films have a 5-10 year warranty.

Question 5 – Do I get any guarantees with my window film?

A. All films fitted by SSAF Window Films come with a warranty of various degrees depending on the type of film we have fitted for you, more details are available upon request. The majority of our safety and security films carry a 10 year warranty, and also the majority of our solar control films have a 5 year warranty.

Question 6 – Can I fit this window film myself?

A. SSAF will supply some of our range of films to you for D.I.Y. application, it is sold by the linear metre from either 1.525metre or 1.220metre wide rolls (other widths are avilable, but only for certain types of film). The film is supplied with full fitting instructions, but after it is sold to you we can take no further responsibility for its performance or appearance, as we have no control over the fitting techniques used. You can order film by filling in one of the self survey sheets (top right of the home page) or by calling us direct (see the contacts page for relevant telephone numbers)

Question 7 – Can I still clean my windows?

A. Yes, after the initial curing period (you will be advised of this when your particular film is fitted) you can clean your windows as normal, however, you should avoid abrashive or harsh and aggresive cleaning agents, regular window cleaners should not harm any of our films. SSAF supply a range of cleaners and polishes specially designed for window films.