Solar Control & Glare Reduction

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SSAF Solar Control Window Films are specifically designed to increase comfort, productivity, and help reduce your energy costs, making it a more effective solution than blinds. Our Solar Films are great for daytime privacy while still allowing light into your room/offices.

How Solar Window Films Work

Solar window films are a powerful tool in protecting your home or business from the sun’s harmful rays. Crafted with a thin layer of polyester infused with metal particles, these films create a formidable barrier against solar rays.

Whether applied to the interior or exterior of your windows, they filter and reflect sunlight, preventing it from entering and warming up your space. But that’s not all – these films also block out those pesky UV rays that can damage your furniture and skin.

With their clever design, solar window films allow the natural light to pass through while shielding you from the unwanted heat and rays. You’ll be amazed at their efficiency – some films can block up to an impressive 79% of solar energy. And the best part? No matter which film you choose, they all provide an unmatched 99% UV ray protection, keeping you safe and comfortable. These Window Films are available in a variety of tints, opacities, and levels of reflective qualities.

Benefits of Solar Window Films

  • Enhanced insulation. Our solar window film effectively blocks out 82% of heat and provides 33% thermal retention, ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the year.
  • Say goodbye to soaring energy bills. With improved insulation, you’ll rely less on central heating and air conditioning, saving you money.
  • Bid farewell to annoying glare. Our window film reduces glare by up to 82%, making it a breeze to view screens without any discomfort.
  • Shield your furniture from harmful UV rays. Our solar window film offers 99% UV rejection, safeguarding your furniture against fading.
  • Embrace bright windows without sacrificing privacy. Our innovative window film provides the perfect balance of privacy and natural light, eliminating the need for blinds or net curtains.

Conservatory Films

Did you know we also supply and install a range of window films for your polycarbonate / glass roofs and side windows?

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